The Kaizo Lab


Please find here our founder's background. Our team is privately doxxed.
SauceHunter, Founder and Marketer: Jack-of-all-trades, he worked as a project manager for several years and discovered the crypto world as an “early.” He quickly saw the potential of such innovative technologies and decided to focus entirely on this field to execute his vision. He comes from far away and met many obstacles during his life, so he built Kaizoku Mechanics as a strong message that people can all do it. He both manages the team and runs the marketing operations.
Tochirō, Communication Leader: With 7 years of experience in the Luxury field working for big brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Ralph Lauren, Tochiro has been engaging in the NFT crypto world for a year. He puts his knowledge and experience about marketing, storytelling and project management inside the Kaizoku Mechanics project. His motto: Kindness always lead to success.
Chisana Kokoro, Designer: Self-taught artist, he is the most remarkable example of a man rolling up his sleeves to face problems. Indeed, he never followed a single course in design, art, or whatever. But he believed in himself and his ability to create a world tailored for him. So when SauceHunter asked him to work for Kaizoku Mechanics, he directly accepted and decided to build this collection representing hope and courage.
M3_An, Community Manager: Big heart and commitment would be enough to describe M3_An. Working as a digital content producer in the video games industry, he loves people and feels proud to carry the Kaizoku Mechanics values over the NFT ecosystem. His personal story taught him that one’s should never give up. He is responsible for managing the entire community management.
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